About US

Amber Barker -

I have been grooming since 2010. I have always worked with animals; it all started with my horses and led to getting a job at a local veterinary hospital, as a vet assistant for several years. While working at the vet clinic I was always watching the groomer thinking this would be a neat job to learn. So in 2010 I left the vet clinic and went to PETCO and started grooming. I was hooked from the start and eventually worked my way up from a Pet Stylist to the Grooming Salon Manager. I was given the opportunity in 2016 to go to work for Dr. Branson at Maple Hill Animal Hospital as a groomer. This turned into a great learning experience, I was  able to learn how to groom hard to handle dogs or dogs who have extreme health issues that most grooming salons turn away. I was approached in late 2017 by a current customer and friend about opening up our own salon and pet supply store in Savannah, MO. It seemed to good to be true at first, but now has become a reality and I'm so excited about opening and giving the Savannah residents and those in outlying communities the opportunity to have top notch grooming and pet supplies close to home. As a groomer I'm always keeping up to date with the newest and latest grooming styles and trends by attending grooming seminars and conferences yearly. 


Kelly Duncan-

I have been a CFO for the past 20 years with a desire to have a pet supply store. I guess my passion for animals started as a child being raised on a farm we had a wide variety of them. But dogs well, they melt my heart I have had a total of 7 dogs in the last 20 years. A couple of them have had some severe illnesses which  made me have to do a little bit of research on the best foods, treats, and even medicines. I want to be able to help my community with issues with their animals. Vets can only do so much and honestly sometimes it is as simple as changing a food to help with stomach issues, or even allergies. I am constantly learning new things to help my animals and would love the chance to help you with yours.


We look forward to meeting all of your pets needs!




"I've been using Amber for several years and she is so kind to my girls and they look wonderful when I pick them up."


Racheal - Nova & Chevy's Owner 


“I'm very impressed with the staff.

Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable"  ​

Nora Roberts, Rover's owner